The Flexi-Licence
A cost effective way of purchasing images with total flexibility

The Flexi-Licence is an annual subscription, payable in advance, providing an agreed number of images and a licence to use them again and again for a whole year or longer. Prices start at £900 for 20 images.

The Flexi-Licence gives you total flexibility to select the pictures as and when you need them throughout the year and enables you, your designer, production team or whoever you nominate to download high-res images 24/7 from our web site of 20,000 quality images.
Basic Licence
This gives you unlimited use in your printed materials such as reports, leaflets, flyers and posters (up to A3 in size). Also includes website use and downloadable PDFs.

The Basic Licence can be extended as follows:

Local Adverts Add-on
The licence is extended to cover using photos in local newspapers, e.g. Fostering adverts in your local evening paper.
Cost = Extra 30% on top of basic licence

National and Local Adverts Add-on
The licence is extended to cover national as well as local newspapers, e.g. Job adverts in the Guardian newspaper.
Cost = Extra 40% on top of basic licence

Posters/exhibition boards Add-on
The licence is extended to use the photographs on posters larger than A3 or exhibition panels
Cost = Extra 50% on top of basic licence

Other project/campaign use
Want to use the images on buses, billboards or beer mats?  Call us to negotiate a price.

Price for Basic Licence for Local Authorities, Housing Associations & Charities.


Discounted Standard
20 photos £900 £1120
50 photos £1850 £2300
100 photos £2900 £3600
150 photos £3750 £4650

To get the discounted price, you agree to credit on each image used.

Please add VAT at current rate

The images may be licensed to one department or shared with a number of different departments across your organisation.

Please ask us to quote for National Government or other use.

*The licence does not cover reprints or new editions produced after the licence period. For this a fee would have to be negotiated or the licence renewed. You can keep on using any printed material produced during the licence year for an indefinite period.
*Rights managed photography may be subject to restrictions when used in marketing or advertising. Please contact Liz Somerville at for guidance.